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Pyramid Butterfly (Reef Safe) - Pick Up In Store Only

Pyramid Butterfly (Reef Safe) - Pick Up In Store Only

Hemitaurichhthys polylepis

  • Origin:Great Barrier Reef
  • Adult Size:18cm
  • Social: Peaceful with similarly sized fish
  • Care: Easy

  • All our marine fish are sourced from local and imported providers.

    They then undergo a 14 day Tank Transfer Method (TTM) quarantine conducted by a 3rd party.

    This process helps us in –

    • Eliminating any ectoparasites, whitespot or velvet.
    • Observing, identifying and treating internal/external worm infection with Prazi Pro
    • Observing, identifying and treating bacterial issues if surfaced during the TTM process


    When you purchase from The Tech Den we help you eliminate all the usual questions:-

    Is my fish eating?

    Fish leave our care eating commercially available nori, pellets and frozen foods.

    Is my fish disease free?

    As part of the quarantine process they are treated for flukes, ich and bacterial infection.

    Will my fish live longer than 72 hours?

    They have spent 14 days in quarantine in Brisbane, as well as the time spent in-store (we try and match salinity, ph and temperature as closely as possible with the quarantine provider), so have survived this far. As a result of this sudden deaths are most likely to be as a result of local water parameters and/or stress induced as a result of other fish and environment.

    Has this fish been exposed to copper?

    Not during the quarantine process or in-store. We believe the use of copper is a very harsh form of treatment and the use of it usually masks a variety of diseases.

    When the fish arrive at our store for sale to the public they have been quarantined to a gold standard and guaranteed to provide you with a healthy and parasite free fish.

    Purchase with confidence