Auto Fish Feeders

Automatic Fish Feeders

Installing an automatic fish feeder into your aquarium environment not only increases the convenience to you in keeping fish but also improves the efficiency of your fish’s eating regimen. An auto fish feeder allows you to provide meals to your fish in smaller predetermined amounts and at specifically regulated times, which is something that improves their well-being. You can employ a vacation fish feeder for times when you're only away from your aquarium for a few days, or regulary if you want an automatic fish food dispenser to take care of this chore every day.

The automatic aquarium feeder models available here are battery operated, and all are programmable for amounts and times food is released. The programmable fish food timer on some models can be overridden by the push of a button for a quick fish food snack. Your fish feed machine will typically dispense pellets, flakes or sticks.