Fish Nets

Aquarium Fish Nets

With 18 aquarium fish net choices on this category page, you have plenty of options for size, colour and price. We feature two brands, Marina and Amazon, available in blue or black. Sizes indicated represent a measurement of the length of the aquarium net from one end to the other and are available here in 7.5-cm, 10-cm and 12.5-cm sizes, best for small aquarium net options, and 15-cm and 20-cm sizes, best for larger (deeper) fish tanks.

You also have a choice of coarse mesh or fine mesh. Coarse nets have larger holes, allowing more water to pass through more quickly. These are preferential when netting larger or faster-swimming fish. A fine fish net, which has smaller spaces in the mesh, is good for catching smaller fish that might otherwise be injured by holes in a coarse net. The fine mesh is also preferable when netting delicate species.