Aquarium Lights and Lighting

Fish Tank Lighting

Fish tank lights have many benefits for the aquatic ecosystem you are maintaining, regardless of species. Having a light in your fish tank with the right spectrum can help reduce algae growth and help particular marine plants and corals to grow. 

For more exotic species of fish that live in very particular environments, an aquarium lamp is an easy way to help them acclimate to tank life by mimicking the lighting conditions of the natural environment they are from. This can mean more intense light for fish that swim closer to the surface or minimal lighting for deeper-dwelling fish. Additionally, the aquarium light kit available for many aquariums is also useful in maintaining the temperature of the tank’s water, making sure it never gets too cool or warm for your fish’s liking. 

We supply a range of aquarium lights and lighting options from LED black and white lights to  T5 – T8 Aquarium Light

Please note: We do not sell fluorescent tubes online as they break too easily on delivery; visit us in Caboolture, Qld to buy aquarium bulbs.

How to choose the best aquarium lighting for your fish? 

Choosing the right type of light for your aquarium can be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

1. Type of Aquarium: Lighting depends on the type of aquarium you want to create. Some examples include a saltwater Reef tank, freshwater planted tank, or a fish only saltwater or freshwater tank.

  • Lighting for a reef tank depends on the depth of your tank and what corals (SPS, LPS or mixed-type) you want to include – certain corals need more light than others so be sure to research what corals you want and the placement of them in your tank.
  • Freshwater planted tanks generally need a stronger light to achieve each plants required lighting for photosynthesis. Each plant has its own aquarium requirements so knowing what requirements your plants need will help you make the right lighting decision.
  • For fish only tanks, lighting is mainly for general viewing as fish do not generally need light. If you are planning to keep a showcasing fish/s you can invest in colour enhancing lights to make your fish’s colours pop.

2. Lighting schedule: Plants and corals require specific lighting schedules to allow for photosynthesis. Generally freshwater plants do not need more than 8 hours of lighting a day and saltwater corals need at least 8 hours per day of strong light. Too much light can cause algae to develop so be prepared to adjust your schedule depending on tank’s variables (e.g. algae bloom or natural sunlight).

What are the different types of Aquarium Lights?

 The most popular aquarium lights are:

LED lights: LED lights are the most popular among the aquarium enthusiasts. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and produce less heat than other types of lights. They come in a variety of colour spectrums for freshwater planted, and saltwater reef tanks. As technology continues to advance additional features such as customising colour spectrums, schedules, strength and even weather simulation are available through Smart Apps. Some of our lights are in-store pick up only due to their length so visit us at The Tech Den Caboolture, QLD or contact us for more information.

Starting a home aquarium can be challenging. There are lots of factors to consider depending on your aquarium. These include filters, air pumps, heaters, lights, tank care and food. Contact our staff for any questions or concerns you may have about supporting your aquatic pets.