Freshwater Medications

Fish Medicine

Preventative aquarium medication is a good idea to maintain a healthy fish environment. Blue Planet Net Sanitizer kills most organisms that cause diseases in tanks and reduces tank-to-tank spreading of pathogens. Specific fish medications should also be applied as indicated by the presence in your fish tank of problems such as protozoa, white spot worms, flukes or columnaris disease. All protozoan, fungal diseases and white spot worms can be effectively treated through the use of Waterlife Protozion, one of the powerfully effective fish fungus medicine brands offered here.

Wardley Fungus-Ade aquarium medicine is what's called for in dealing with fin rot or tail rot (columnaris disease) and other fungal infections. This fish fungus treatment only requires a couple of drops per five litres of tank water. Other commonly used fish medicine includes Blue Planet PARACIDE (trichlorfon), used to combat skin and gill flukes, and Blue Planet Tri Sulfa, used against White Spot and external bacterial disease. Parasitic worm infections respond well to praziquantel.