Turtle Food

Turtle Food, Pellets & Sticks

At The Tech Den, we carry a wide variety of turtle food to meet the dietary needs of these fascinating and popular reptiles. We know what turtle supplies it takes to care for these fascinating creatures, and our food range is tailored to their specific dietary needs as omnivores. We have a range of turtle food appropriate for certain life stages such as adult turtles and baby turtles as their diets differ. We have both pellets and sticks available as well as live foods, such as earthworms, crickets and snails. Turtle food pellets come in a variety of sizes and formulas, such as Nutrafin Max Pellets with Shrimp,  Ocean Nutrient Pellets, and heaps more. We also have a wide variety of live turtle food, such as Jurassipet crickets, Exo Terra snails and live worms from Pisces available for pickup in store.