Internal Filters

Aquarium Internal Filters

We offer a lineup of aquarium internal filters from industry leaders including Aquael, Ocean Free, Eheim and others. Internal fish tank filters are an easy, affordable means of helping keep your fish tank clean. They're compact, quiet, fit inside the tank and are easy to set up. They're an excellent space-saving option for individuals lacking sufficient area for a larger external filter. In addition to internal filters, we also offer replacement internal filter media. Internal aquarium filter media comes in several types, including sponges, bio media, fine and coarse filter pads, mesh media, filter wool, and activated carbon.

Eheim filters, quality-made in Germany, come in a mini-size for tanks between 20-30 litres and pick up filters for tanks of 45L, 60L, 160L and 200L. The term “pick up” means you can lift the filter media from the top when changing it without removing the pump from the water.