Airline Tubing and Accessories

Aquarium Airline Tubing

Pumping air into your aquarium, for which you'll need aquarium airline tubing and aquarium tubing connectors, is recommended because many fish prefer certain levels of dissolved oxygen in their water. You can improve water circulation, by hooking up your aquarium air pump tubing to some type of air dispersion device such as an air curtain or air stone. We offer all of the necessary equipment for keeping your fish tank maintained properly, such as aquarium airline tubing, airline check valves, airway control valves, metal air dividers and a wide variety of aquarium tubing connectors.

You'll also find a selection of aquarium air tube hose holders with suction cups, useful for hiding your aquarium tubing on the bottom or attaching it to side walls. Quality silicone aquarium tubing is the preferred material for performance and longevity. You can purchase your fish tank air tube by the meter or in 100m and 200m rolls.