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Congratulations on your new friend! At the Tech Den we like to offer our customers the best start possible for their new marine inhabitant. This quick acclimation guide will help your animal adjust to their new home. Acclimation is used to accustom the new animal to the tank’s conditions, such as salinity, temperature and PH. Not all sea creatures are compatible, so you should ask a team member of the Tech Den or research using a trusted website, when making your fish list. During the process of acclimation, you should always keep close attention to increased stress and hyperventilation and should be kept to a minimum where possible. In this case it may be best to reduce the amount of time when floating the bag.
What can I say, Fluval have done their homework on the new range of the Fresh and Plant LED lights. The previous Aqualife and Plant were great lights but they have set the mark and come forward with some great improvements.