Canister Filters

Aquarium Canister Filters

Every fish owner knows the importance of making sure that his or her tank’s water is properly filtered. A faulty filter or one that is too small, can lead to potentially harmful results for your fish. One of the most efficient and easiest filters to maintain is an aquarium canister filter. Canister filters are a type of aquarium filter that works by drawing in dirty tank water through a lift tube and pulling it out of the tank to a sealed external canister filter. This external fish tank filter then pushes the tank water through a series of filter media, which strain out any solids or other pollutants, and returns the cleaned water back to the tank.

A fish tank canister filter is a valuable addition to any fish tank for the ease of maintenance, efficiency and control that it gives you over the filtering of your tank’s water. When properly maintained, a canister filter can easily filter a tank’s water for between 1 - 3 months before having to clean due to its larger area of media and filtration. Further, even with a small canister filter, you are able to choose the filter media that you prefer instead of the predetermined media you might get in a factory-produced power filter. This control and ease of use makes canister filters a smart option for any aquarium.