Australian Black Worms

Blackworms for Sale

Australian Blackworms take pride in the high-quality product that they produce. The Tech Den’s comprehensive range of Australian Blackworms fish food helps promote the health, condition and colour of your fish. The product comes in the form of pellets, loose freeze-dried, cubed freeze-dried, freeze-dried with added spinach, and freeze-dried with added Bio Pigment Plus.

Freeze-dried blackworms with Bio Pigment Plus contain added spinach, Spirulina algae and Carophyll Pink. This formula is designed to bring out the orange and red colours in your fish. Yellow or other light-coloured fish shouldn't be fed this product but should be given our “regular” or “added spinach” formulas.

Pellets are available in 50g or 100g packages. Freeze-dried loose comes in 25g, 50g, 100g, 200g and 1000g bags. Cubes, whether regular, added spinach or added Bio Pigment Plus, come in the exact packaging sizes as the loose product. The more you buy, the more you save!