Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible Aquarium Water Pumps

The submersible water pump choices offered here at The Tech Den are numerous, including submerged filter aquarium units, high-capacity pumps for ponds as large as 22,000 litres and submersible aquarium pump equipment for all different sizes of tanks. You'll find the various brands available in this submersible pump category shown across the top of the page in named subcategories, a link for solar pumps as well as one for all submerged pumps we have featured here.

If you have a sump-equipped system, we also have a number of fish tank sump pump options, including three models from Fluval Sea. You have the choice of an aquarium sump pump that will flow 3,600 litres/hour (SP2), 7,500 litres/hour (SP4) or 12,300 litres/hour (SP6). In addition to the pumps found here, you also have access to the accessories and replacement parts that go with these pumps, including an underwater filter for aquarium units, replacement filter media, valves and lamp tubes.