Aqua Medic

Aqua Medic Aquarium Pumps & Supplies

Dive into our selection of Aqua Medic products, designed to simplify aquarium maintenance. Whether you're new to aquatics or a seasoned fishkeeper, Aqua Medic has equipment and treatments to suit your needs.

From robust submerged pumps and system controllers to effective aquarium reactors and reactor media, Aqua Medic offers durable and user-friendly solutions. Their aquarium supplies options are versatile, suitable for both freshwater and marine environments. Specialised treatments for coral and marine life are also available.

If you're setting up a new aquarium or considering an upgrade, Aqua Medic provides reliable, long-lasting options. Their products are designed for ease of use, accessible for aquarists of all experience levels. With Aqua Medic, you can create and maintain a healthy, vibrant aquatic environment.