Aquarium Water Chillers & Cooling Fans

Refrigerated Aquarium Water Chillers & Cooling Fans

Keeping the appropriate water temperature is important in maintaining a healthy aquarium, especially in saltwater tanks where just a few degrees either way can spell disaster for the inhabitants. As the ambient temperature surrounding your aquarium increases, a fish tank chiller or aquarium cooling fan is called for in order to maintain the water temperature at the recommended level.

Keep in mind that lighting, pumps and other devices you utilize will also add to the heat level, so don't expect your fish tank water to remain at room temperature.
For smaller tanks, an aquarium cooler in the form of a surface fan may be sufficient. Our range of aquarium chiller fans available here may do the trick at cooling your fish tank sufficiently.

Larger tanks will likely require use of an aquarium water chiller such as this Teco chiller. We also have numerous other aquarium chiller models from which to choose.

Beat the Heat with Refrigerated Teco and Hailea Aquarium Chillers!