Sponge and Sock Filters

Aquarium Sponge Filters

The aquarium sponge filter and filter sock are the most basic aquarium filters, and, while not recommended for every type of aquarium setup, a sponge filter is absolutely ideal for certain applications. A fish tank filter sponge is excellent at trapping solid waste particles within its pores, thereby cleaning the water being sucked into the intake tube surrounded by the sponge. An aquarium filter sock or a filter bag can be utilized for the same purpose. As with many other things, keeping a clean environment is super important for keeping your fish happy and healthy. Our collection of sponge filters is perfect for maintaining not only a clear water colour but also for getting rid of harmful bacteria, chemicals and other potentially toxic substances.

While not appropriate as the main filtration system on larger aquariums, sponge filters work well on small fish tanks or as supplemental filters on larger tanks. In addition to solid particle removal, a biochemical sponge filter is the perfect medium for helpful bacteria to grow – bacteria essential to convert toxins such as harmful ammonia into less harmful nitrates. Whether you need a new sponge filter, a replacement filter sponge sheet or a bio sponge filter, look to us for high-quality, affordable merchandise.