Serenity Nano Sponge Filter SMXY-2835 - Ideal for tanks up to 40l

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Serenity Nano Sponge Filter SMXY-2835 - Ideal for tanks up to 40l

Serenity Nano Sponge Filter SMXY-2835

  • Biological Filtration
  • Air Driven
  • Sponge size 5.5cm X 4.5cm
  • Suitable for Aquariums up to 40 litres

  • Sponge filters are a biological filtration that builds up a colony a good bacteria that breaks down the ammonia and nitrite as water passes though them and also collect detritus to help keep a clean aquarium.

    Uses air via a uplift system to draw water through the sponge. A low wattage air pump using air system and doubles oxygenating the water. Simply connect to a air pump (Not included).

    Super aquarium sponge filter

  • Use environmental sponge as filter media
  • Suitable for all Aquariums tanks
  • With a airlift system,super biochemical sponge filter feature silent operation, and has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water.

  • The special developed foam materials supports the colonisation of bacteria, allowing for mechanical filtration in addition to biological filtration which will break down harmful waste ammonia and nitrite material resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish. Particular they are useful for as breeding filter or as secondary filter.

    Feature and benefit:

  • Supplying water with much needed oxygen
  • It is low noise and a air pump consumes a low wattage
  • Most fit to external or top filter as pre-filtration unit
  • No dead spots in cylinder foam offers increased filtration.
  • Easy maintenance is made by nodular design of foam cartridge system.

  • Sponge size:5.5x4.5cm (diameter)
  • For 100L container
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