Reverse Osmosis RO

Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems & Filters

One of the most important factors to having a clean tank is filling it with clean water. Aquarium reverse osmosis systems are a great way to keep your fish tank clean with as little maintenance as possible. Many people don’t know that tap water often contains ample amounts of phosphate, heavy metals, nitrate and other possible water impurities. While some minerals are essential, the osmosis water filter will stop a great number of them that can be very harmful and instigate the growth of things such as algae that can be unappealing to your tank.

With a reverse osmosis system, water is pushed into semi-permeable membranes that will filter 90-99% of potentially harmful substances. Because these RO cartridges remove general hardness or carbonate hardness, it’s also a lot easier to adjust the pH to the perfect water environment for your particular fish. On our page you’ll find not only a wide selection of reverse osmosis carbon filters but also reverse osmosis cartridges for easy maintenance. You’re sure to find the perfect reverse osmosis filter to keep your fish happy!