Thermometers / Hydrometers

Aquarium Thermometers & Salinity Refractometers

Having a quality aquarium thermometer is important to anyone keeping fish, as fish require life in an environment that's kept within a specific temperature range. Here you'll find an array of fish tank thermometer options, including submersible thermometer models and those that deliver both internal water and external ambient air temperature. A quality digital aquarium thermometer should be extremely accurate and do a good job of protecting your fish from suffering the ill effects of unhealthy temperature variances.

Other helpful equipment found here on this page include a number of aquarium refractometer(or salinity monitor) units that are essential in keeping track of your aquarium’s dissolved salt level. A saltwater hydrometer is also designed to measure a tank water's specific gravity and salt level, but saltwater refractometers are most accurate. Tools such as thermometers and salinity refractometers/hydrometers are critical in keeping a healthy saltwater tank.