Algae Remover & Killer

Aquarium Algae Control

Our solutions to aquarium algae control are numerous, and cleaning algae from fish tank surfaces and fish tank water can be approached several different ways. An aquarium algae chemical such as simazine-based Algaecide are an aquarium water cleaner that won't harm your fish or aquarium plants when used following the dosage instructions. Other types of algae killer aquarium products include Aqua-Pic's NO MORE Black Beardand API Algaefix, both algae cleaner products designed for use in freshwater aquariums. These fish tank algae remover chemicals are all tested and approved for use without the risk of harm to your tank inhabitants, either fish or plant life.

Additional methods for removing tank algae include the use of algae scrubber and scraper devices, as well as specialcleaning magnets. You'll find a variety of them here, as well as replacement parts for these tools. Aquarium algae eaters include Algae Clear Blocks, good for cleaning both aquariums and ponds. They are available in two sizes.