fish food
Fish Food

Quality food is key to fish nutrition and health, with brands like Hikari, Sera, Fluval, NLS, Dainichi, and Ocean Nutrition - we give you the best options at great prices.

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aquarium filter media
Filters / Media

The right filtration keeps your aquarium healthy. Our large range of canister, sponge, internal, or hang-on filters, and media, are sure to suit any size tank setup.

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aquarium equipment

Give your aquarium the finishing touch with our great range of lighting, water and air pumps, chillers, heaters – the latest equipment, and the basics, to suit any budget.

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aquarium water treatment
Water Conditioners

Fish thrive in their natural habitat. We have a great selection of water treatments, test kits, de-chlorinators, biological enhancers and clarifiers, to maintain water quality.

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Featured Products

Australia Aquarium & Fish Tank Supplies

Fishkeeping is one of the easiest and most fun hobbies around. With The Tech Den’s affordable and quality selection of Australian aquarium supplies, fishkeeping just got a whole lot easier, and all at a value price. Fish keeping adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any home. However, maintaining your fish and the health of their environment should not have to be an expensive endeavour. The Tech Den exists because we believe that quality fish tank supplies should be available to all who enjoy this hobby. We hope we can be the go-to aquarium supply store for Australian hobbyists in Brisbane and around the country, with our online aquatic supplies and aquarium spare parts. You can also buy in bulk and save big!

Whether you need general aquarium products like food and water conditioners or fish tank accessories like heaters, media and filters, The Tech Den aquarium shop offers the best quality and prices in the market from top brands like Eheim, Fluval, Red Sea, Hikari, Aqua One and many more. Our selection, paired with our helpful in-store staff and speedy online shipping that will ship anywhere in Australia (with the exclusion of larger bulky items) for a bargain flat rate, makes The Tech Den a value hunter’s dream. So when it comes time to upgrade your aquarium kingdom, it only makes sense that The Tech Den be your one stop shop for the absolute best in aquatic supplies. Doing this allows us to deliver great product at great prices; we always strive to pass on discounts, promotions, and specials to you!

New technology brings a new age in aquarium care

We bring the latest and greatest items and products to you fast. As soon as they are released in Australia you will find them in our shop as well as available in our online store.

If you are looking for a fully automated system connected by the internet to your smart phone or just something like a automatic fish feeder to set and forget, we have it available to make your aquarium more enjoyable.