Eheim Twin Auto Fish Feeder Unit

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Eheim Automatic Programmable Twin Fish Feeder for Flake and Pellet Food.

Feeding could not be simpler with a single push of a button feeding or program in regular feeding or for when you are away.

  • 2 separate feed chambers for granules, sticks, pellets, flakes
  • Drums are individually programmable
  • Random dosing for natural feeding
  • Both drums are aerated
  • 2 types of food can be fed in parallel; the advantage of this is a food supply for all livestock in the swimming zones
  • Large display
  • Warning system quickly indicates low battery level
  • Includes batteries

  • If you don’t always have time an automatic fish feeder is ideal. Also when on holiday. You can easily program the feeding times as well as the amount of food and the fish feeder ventilates the food at precisely the correct doing time into the water. With a simple press of a button “snacks” are also possible at any time.

    The function keys are splash proof . A warning system quickly shows low battery level. And of course the feeders fit feeder openings on the VARILUX aquarium hoods;.

    There are two models: the smaller fish feeder for flakes and the TWIN with two separate chambers for different types of food.

    • Item No: EH3582
    • Barcode: 720686350175
    • Weight: 0.7Kg
    • Dimensions: 8 x 16.3 x 12.3cm
    • Warranty:
    • Suitable for: Coldwater, Tropical and Marine

    • Suitable for: Dry foods - granules, sticks, pellets, flakes
    • Battery operated: Yes
    • Feed capabilities: 2 separate feed chambers with individual feeding schedule
    • Automotive capabilities: Yes

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