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Aquaforest 2000ml -NP Pro Probiotic Bacteria

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Aquaforest -NP Pro is a Probiotic Bacteria to help remove nitrates and phosphates.

NP Pro
NP Pro is a medium for probiotic bacteria designed for reef aquariums (Pro Bio S).

The product contains biodegradable liquid polymers, which are an excellent source of carbon for probiotic bacteria.

-NP Pro positively affects the organic mass distribution and reduces undesired NO3 and PO4 in the aquarium water.

Contrary to typical polymers, -NP Pro as the only formulation available on the market does not require the use of specialised flow filters.

-NP Pro accelerates the development and propagation of beneficial probiotic bacteria, which as the effect leads to the removal of harmful compounds such as nitrates and phosphates from the water.

As a result of the high NO3 level, corals lose their colour or turn brown.

Regular use -NP Pro allows you to reduce the amount of nitrate to an undetectable level, providing the corals with optimal living conditions and excellent colouring.

Wrong ratio of nitrate and phosphate in water also leads to the development of undesired algae and cyanobacteria, therefore the use of -NP Pro is recommended especially when diagnosing high values of both compounds.

In combination with Pro Bio S, -NP Pro converts unwanted aquariums NO3 and PO4 into valuable bacteria, which is then absorbed by the corals providing them with natural food.

  • For dosing pumps (container 2000ml) : 5ml/100l ( US: 1 tsp/27 US gal. of water.) daily.

  • Do not overtighten the screw, otherwise the cover might be damaged.