Nutris Frozen Bloodworms Blister Pack x 24 cubes

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Get your aquarium thriving with Nutris Frozen Bloodworms - perfect for tropical, discus and cichlid fish. Comes in a 24-cube blister pack for easy feeding. Order for instore pick up or come to The Tech Den!


  • Contains 24 cubes of frozen bloodworms
  • Provides a high-quality source of nutrition for your fish
  • Convenient blister pack makes feeding easy
  • Frozen to ensure freshness and retain maximum nutritional value

Nutris Frozen Bloodworms are an excellent choice for feeding a variety of fish species, including bettas, tetras, and angelfish. The convenient blister pack makes feeding easy and the frozen cubes ensure that the bloodworms retain their nutritional value and freshness.

To use, simply thaw the desired number of cubes and feed to your fish. The high protein content of the bloodworms helps to support healthy growth and vibrant coloration in your fish, making them a great addition to any feeding regimen.

Order your Nutris Frozen Bloodworms Blister Pack today and give your fish the high-quality nutrition they deserve!

* Please note that due to the frozen nature of this product, it cannot be delivered and is available for in-store pickup only.

Suitable for:

Tropical, Discus and Cichlids

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