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Breeding Logs and Caves

Aquarium Breeding Boxes & Breeding Caves

We're offering some great prices on aquarium cave decorations and fish tank caves. Adding an aquarium breeder box to your fish tank provides a safe haven for your fish to pursue their breeding activities. A fish breeding log can serve the same purpose as a fish tank breeder box and also provide a place for small fish to hide from larger fish. You'll find dozens of splendid aquarium cave ornaments in this category and should easily be able to find an aquarium breeding cave or fish breeding box just the right size for your needs.

We carry clay shrimp twigs in three sizes and Bristlenose clay or resin breeding caves in various sizes as well. Choose an UP Aqua ceramic breeding cave in large, extra-large or extra-extra-large for breeding your Cichlids. For a bit of added fun, try the handmade clay forest faces that provide safe homes for your shrimp and give an enchanted look to your fish tank.

While the intricate fish tank caves you see in many aquariums may seem like mere aquarium cave decorations, these breeding caves provide not only a daily habitat for your fish but also a safe shelter in which they can breed. Our selection of aquarium cave ornaments come in a variety of different styles and forms. Whether it’s a fish breeding log or cave, these decorations can make your fish feel more comfortable, leading them to be healthier overall.