Tunze Pico Care Magnet 0220.006 Up to 6mm Glass Algae Scraper

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With the Tunze Pico Care magnet there is a gap between the magnet and the glass wall being cleaned, this is to prevent gravel catching between the magnet and the glass and scratching the glass. The point that actually tough the glass is the two side blades on the inside of the tank and the soft felt pads on the outside of the glass attached to the magnet.

The magnet does a very good job of removing film build-ups as well as algae and is a quick and easy way of cleaning the tank. The way that Tune have designed the Nano Care Magnet also allows cleaning very close to the edges of aquariums as well as being able to get down to the substrate.

The Tunze is a powerful magnet scraper to remove algae and build up on the inside glass of Aquariums. It will work with glass thickness of up to 6mm and has a plastic blade to scrape the algae and build up on the glass.

The "Care Magnet" is a breath of fresh air in the field of aquarium pane cleaner design, consisting of an ergonomic handle and special plastic blades made of wear-resistant high performance plastic. The patented slim Care Magnet is significantly more compact than conventional algae magnets with a large cleaning surface, it is unobtrusive and therefore able to remain within the aquarium without disrupting the overall scenery

This window pane cleaner doesn't cause any scratches on internal aquarium panes, glass or acrylic. The inner magnet is more than 3mm away from the aquarium and thus prevents the jamming of the aquarium sand. The two plastic blades remove the algae considerably better from the glass panes than a flat cleaning surface - almost as good as a sharp metal blade. The life of a blade is from several months up to approx. one year. The low flow resistance during the cleaning with a simultaneous high magnetic coupling, makes a separation of the magnet nearly impossible.

  • Glass thickness up to 6mm max. 
  • Width 40mm, length 79mm.

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