Sera Siporax Mini Wafers 130g

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Sera Siporax Mini Wafers 130g Nitrate Breakdown

  • Supports Anerobic Bacteria
  • Porous structure
  • 270m2 per litre

  • Sera Siporax Media Wafers are ideal for the colonisation of anerobic bacteria and has been laboratory proven nitrate breakdown.

    sera siporax mini is a new form of the original ring shaped bio-media "Siporax" developed by Schott AG in Germany.

    siporax mini is a tablet shaped disc that is ideal for use in internal filters, canister filters and trickle filters in either fresh or saltwater.

    The usable surface area of 1ltr of siporax mini is approximately 270m2 which is equivalent to approximately 34m2 of ceramic media.

    Due to the special porous structure of siporax mini, bacterial colonization is optimized allowing exceptional biological breakdown of impurities and even 'laboratory proven' reduction of nitrates.

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