Seachem Tidal 75 Zeolite Pack 250ml

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Seachem Zeolite Pack to suit the Tidal 75 Filters. Neutralising toxic ammonia and heavy metals, keeping your fish safe.

Zeolite has been used with in the aquarium hobby for many years and continues to be a ideal media with the purpose of alleviating toxic ammonia which is harmful to fish which can not only kill fish but also cause damage to sensitive area like fins and gills.

The Zeolite is a particularly important media in the early stages of starting a aquarium as well as with new filtration where the biofiltration may not be established.

  • Tidal 75 Zeolite Pack
  • Contains 250ml of Zeolite
  • Binding Toxic Ammonia
  • Binds Heavy Metals
  • Marine and Freshwater

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