Reef Anabolics Trace Elements Support System 500ml

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Reef Anabolics Trace Elements Support System

Reef Anabolics combination pack covering growth and colouration.

Trace Elements Pack

  • Reef Booster
  • Reef Halogen
  • Reef Growth
  • Reef Metals

  • The Trace Elements Support System eliminates the monotonous daily dosing schedules that many current products in the market recommend.

    Reef Anabolics has been proven to increase growth and colouration for both Small Polyp Stony (SPS) corals and Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals by supplying a balanced blend of key trace elements.

    Reef Anabolics can be utilised for Ultra Low Nutrient System (ULNS) together with amino acids for best results.

    Reef Anabolics Trace Element Support System consists of four main crucial products:

    Reef Booster - Reef Halogen - Reef Growth - Reef Metals
    These products are required to be dosed together in conjunction with Randy’s Recipe 1 or 2.

    Reef Metals
  • Essential for respiration function, maintaining coloration and coral health.

  • Reef Halogen
  • Contains bromine for chromoprotein synthesis and skeleton construction, fluorine to support the calcification process and iodine to enhance blues and violet colouration.

  • Reef Booster
  • The key to all-round exponential growth and will be experienced in the initial dosing phase. It is the catalyst with a blend of boron and other key elements that amplifies its counterparts.

  • Reef Growth
  • Strontium and barium are essential for coral, supporting and maintaining calcium carbonate precipitation.

  • Following dosage instructions, the 500ml Trace Elements Support Pack should last a 500L SPS dominant system 9 months, mixed systems 12 months and LPS only systems 12-15 months.

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