Reef Anabolics Macro Elements 2kg Sodium Bicarbonate

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Reef Anabolics Macro Elements 2kg Sodium Bicarbonate

Reef Anabolics Macro Elements pharmaceutical grade makes sure you get a quality supplementation.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Every reefing enthusiast wants their home aquarium to mirror the beauty of a natural coral reef.

    Not having the vast ocean to harness naturally occurring elements, reef aquariums can only rely on quality supplementation to nourish exhausted elements.

    Reef Anabolics Macro Elements Range uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients to promote an all-round healthier system resulting in faster growth and vibrant colour.

    The Reef Anabolics Macro Elements Range will provide the vital foundations for a beautiful coral reef and easily establish the specific parameters needed to maintain healthy coral development.

    By using the Reef Anabolics Macro Elements Range, water chemistry is balanced, the biological development of coral is strengthened and the user will have their own slice of the reef as nature intended in the comfort of their home.

    This range is available in 2kg (4.4lbs).

    Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Bicarbonate and Carbonate are essential macro elements for the formation of Aragonite, a carbonate mineral necessary for the building blocks of both SPS and LPS corals.
  • Reef Anabolics Sodium Bicarbonate will replenish carbonate levels consumed by growing coral in a reef aquarium.
  • Maintaining a consistent carbonate hardness between 6.5-8.5dKH will allow healthy development within all corals.
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