Reef Anabolics Amino Pro 50ml

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Reef Anabolics Amino Pro

Reef Anabolics Amino Pro covering select fatty acids, amino acids for coral health.

Amino PRO 
  • contains concentrated amino acids and omega fatty acids.
  • It is a well-rounded natural ocean source of energy for all types of marine life and corals.
  • It is a growth enhancer that promotes healthy coral growth and colouration.

  • 1 drop for 100L (27 US gal.) every other day.
  • Alternate day dosing with Amino Aloe+ for maximum results.
  • Dispense in high flow area.

  • Maximum of 1 drop per 100L (27 US gal) of water. 

  • Please note each aquarium is different.
  • Taking into consideration the livestock in your tank, it is recommended you start with a lowered dose (for example, half of the recommended dosage) and observe how corals respond.
  • If corals respond positively, steadily increase the dosing until you reach the maximum dosage of 1 drop per 100L (27 US gal).
  • Recommended to use in conjunction with Amino Aloe+. Not for human consumption.

    Keep refrigerated.

    Following dosage instructions, the 100ml Reef Anabolics Amino Pro 100ml should last a 500L system 400 days.

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