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Red Sea


Red Sea RD-2 ReefDose 2 Head Doser Unit

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With accurate dosing down to 1 drop and controlled through the ReefBeat app with 3 easy set automated settings and easy manual control too. 

Not only working with the dosing but also a log allowing tweaking your settings to get the dosing schedule to fine art. It can also compensate if there has been any missed scheduled events, ideal in case you have a power outage.

Another impressive feature we found very useful at The Tech Den is the clever Supplement Volume Monitor allowing notifications of the quantity left of the supplement preventing running out of a supplement.

All this and a 2 Year Warranty

Accurate. Smart. Intuitive

ReefDose is designed and built specifically for the daily supplementing of reef aquariums.

 ReefDose uses bespoke (patent-pending) single-drop-accuracy dosing heads together with an advanced controller that provides a full suite of features.

 The “Dynamic Dosing Queue” run by the controller combines the desired dosing plans for each head into one coordinated daily dosing schedule for the complete device. The queue is automatically updated after any settings changes, and reschedules any doses that are missed due to unscheduled events such as power outages.

 With programming through the ReefBeat App, ReefDose offers multiple options for fully automated, easy-set dosing, or a simple schedule of individually planned doses.

 In addition to the regular flow rate, you can select the “Whisper” mode for almost silent operation, or “Turbo” mode if you want to get the dosing done as quickly as possible.

 The ReefDose is part of Red Sea’s ReefBeat smart ecosystem, seamlessly integrating with all other ReefBeat devices.


  • Single drop accuracy dosing heads with a direct-drive planetary gear-motor, provides an accuracy of ± 0.05ml or an average deviation of 0.5% (over 10ml).
  • 4 easy-set, smart dosing options for each head, that are automatically combined into one coordinated schedule for the complete device.
  • Easy assembly click-on/off dosing heads (no tools or alignment required).
  • Automatic delay between the heads to prevent chemical interaction between supplements.
  • Daily dose per head of 0.2ml up to 1000ml in increments of 0.1ml.
  • On-demand manual dosing.
  • Secured connectors for flexible tubing: OD 5mm – ID 3mm.
  • 3 dosing flow rates: Whisper 15ml/min, Regular 30ml/min, Turbo 45 ml/min.
  • Motor life expectancy of 10 years – based on 250ml/day/head.

ReefBeat app

  • One interface for all of Red Sea’s smart devices.
  • Easy set-up and operation.
  • On-line monitoring and notifications.



  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Dimensions - 13x10.5cm
  • ReefDose 2 can be mounted and includes Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Extremely quiet and energy efficient sine wave DC control motor.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Includes Remote access via app
  • High quality customized gear motors with one drop precision 0.06ml
  • 3 dosing speed (Whisper/ Regular/ Turbo)
  • Splashproof for in cabinet installation
  • Multiple ways of placement
  • Product Features
  • Wi Fi connection via ReefBeat app
  • 4 Dosing mode: Single dose/ Hourly dose/Custom/ Timer/ Food Head
  • Complete dosing log and analysis
  • Doses compensation & Stock level monitor
  • Information and Demo of ReefDose