Quantum Reef Essentials Aragonite B Powder 2.4kg | Makes 35L @ 60,000ppm Alkalinity

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Reef Essential Aragonite B is designed to provide carbonate, hydrogen carbonate and buffers to help stabilise pH and build strong aragonite. Carbonates help to stabilise pH within saltwater aquariums due to their buffering capacity. When used alongside our Reef Essential Aragonite A anf Reef Essential Aragonite C supplements, your aquarium will receive the necessary major, minor and trace elements required for coral health. For additional top up (if required) of minor anmd trace elements, we recomend using the step 4 - Bioactive Colour Intensifiers. Recommended alkalinity concentration = 7.4 - 10.5dKH (132 - 188ppm). Aragonite A and Aragonite B powders are formulated speciofically to the calcium carbonate relationship in order to help provide a 1:1 dosing ratio.


  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
  • Buffer (secret mix)


Do not add powder directly into aquarium. Make solution then add small amounts of product to high flow area in the sump. For more accurate dosing, thje dosing formula is total volume of aquarium and sump minis media, live rock etc./ that occupies volume.


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