Pondcare Algaefix 473ml - Algae Control

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Pondcare Algaefix Controls the main and most persistent types of algae in freshwater ponds

Effectively controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanket weed in ponds that contain live plants. 

  • Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean & clear.
  • Controls existing algae and helps resolve additional algae blooms.

    Can be used in ponds with plants!

    The #1 treatment for algae control

  • Powerful and fast acting
  • For use in ponds, fountains and waterfalls
  • Safe for use with live plants and fish
  • 5ml per 200 litres

    To Calculate your ponds size click on the link below and the API Pond calculator will come up in new tab in your browser.

    API Fishcare Pond Calculator

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