Pisces Crickets - Small - Live Food - In Store Pick Up Only

Pisces Crickets - Live Food - In Store Pick Up Only

    As the country’s first and largest wholesale producer of live crickets to the pet trade, Pisces Enterprises continues to pioneer industry techniques and practices required to grow at scale in Australian conditions.

    By purchasing Pisces’ live crickets, we guarantee that you are purchasing highest possible quality on the market, relied upon by pet stores, zoos and wildlife carers across the country.

    Pisces Enterprises’ patented live food containers include air vents on all sides to allow for superior ventilation, as well as an easy-open lid for dispensing. Inside the container, the 100% recycled and food grade insect hide sits atop a patented absorbent sterile wood pulp pad. This pad prevents the use of messy, dusty vermiculite granules which can have a detrimental effect on the health of live insects.

    Keeping them well-nourished with Pisces Aquaload and reptile supplements will ensure you give them the best possible lifespan. Store in a warm, dry place ideally away from light to reduce stress.

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