Pax Bellum N24 ARID Algae Reactor (Remidiation Illuminated Device)

Pax Bellum N24 ARID Algae Reactor (Remediation Illuminated Device)

The Pax Bellum is ideal to grow Chaeto which is one of the best ways to remove Nitrates as the growing Chaeto will consume nitrates.


The concept of using macroalgae as a method of nutrient export is not new.

However, the introduction of the ARID (Algae Remidiation Illuminated Device) by Pax Bellum is a quantum leap forward.

This ingenious device utilises macroalgae (specifically Chaetomorpha) to function as a nutrient export mechanism.

The unique design of the ARID incorporates a coaxial LED light tube to maximise light penetration and efficiency.

The tube and flange design within the device serves to isolate the algae from atmospheric CO2, which effectively limits the carbon source for the algae to just that which is respired by organisms within the aquarium.

The ARID is analagous to a human lung for the aquarium, in that the ARID supersaturates the the aquarium with oxygen from the algae created during its respiration.

Pax Bellum recommends running the ARID on a “reverse daylight” cycle (ie; opposite of the display aquarium).

which helps to balance the natural day/night pH swing that occur, and to maintain high dissolved oxygen levels throughout the night when the display aquarium lighting is off and photosynthesis has ceased to occur.

  • Item no: ARID-N24
  • Barcode: 
  • Weight: 
  • Dimensions: 24.1 x 20.9 x 58.4 cm
  • Warranty:


  • Type: Algae
  • Capacity: 
  • Flow rate: preferred 1000 lph
  • Tank size: 800-1200 litres
  • Power consumption: 20 watt
  • Hosing size:
  • Media:

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