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Reticulated Loach are a bottom dwelling fish that does very well when kept in a number to school and look great in an aquarium and perfect for cleaning up left over food.

Scientific Name
  • Botia lohachata

  • Description:

  • They are mainly found in Nepal, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • They live in waters that are slow running.

  • Maximum Size and Longevity

    Reticulated Loach can grow up to10 to 13cm and have been known to live up to 20 years plus if kept in the correct conditions.

    Water Quality

    The reticulated loach is easily adapted to different water conditions but prefers :

  • Temperature: 24 - 28 OC
  • pH: 6.5—7.5
  • GH: 50 –150ppm

  • Feeding

    Reticulate loaches are omnivorous bottom feeders.

    However, they occasionally feed at the water surface and can make ‘clicking’ noises while feeding.

    They will feed on regular foods such as flakes, pellets, live black worms and frozen bloodworms, as well as snails.

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