Ocean Free Super Precision Air Pump - 1000 Single outlet

Ocean Free Super Precision Air Pump - 1000 Single outlet is ideal for small tanks and nice and quiet.

  • Small and quiet.
  • Single Outlet

  • When using an air pump it is important to position it above the tank. This will help prevent water from back siphon when there is no power. If using a air pump below the water surface you must use a check valve to prevent water back siphoning to the air pump. By adding a check valve this will reduce the performance of air pumps as too longer airline the more it will reduce the performance.

    Warranty is void if water is found inside the air pump as this indicates that either the air pump was incorrectly positioned or no check valve was used. Diaphragms are not covered by warranty.

    • Item No: QHU111
    • Barcode: 8887677100194
    • Weight: 0.45Kg
    • Dimensions: 
    • Warranty: 12 months
    • Suitable for:  Freshwater and Marine
    • Outlets: Single Outlet
    • Power / power per outlet: 80lph
    • Power watts: 2.7w
    • Speed Control: No
    • Tank size:
    • Max head height:

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