Ocean Free Junior Jumbo Sponge Filter for up to 680l Tanks

Ocean Free Junior Jumbo Sponge Filter for up to 680l Tanks


This super biochemical sponge filter is a filter that keeps your aquarium clean. The filter provides mechanical and biological filtration for easy aquarium maintenance. Mechanical filtration, use the air-driven system to create suction. That allows the sponge to capture floating particles in the water and return filtered water to the tank. As a biological filtration, harmful waste is biologically transformed into a relatively harmless substance by aerobic bacteria that accumulates in the sponge. This kind of sponge is also suitable for Discus breeding tanks, small tropical fish tanks and fry stock tanks.

  • Before use, soak the Bio-foam in aquarium water for 5 mins.
  • During maintenance, always rinse the Bio-foam with drained out aquarium water only.
  • No tap water or hot water should be used at all.
  • When re-using the Bio-foam, do squeeze the foam in the water to remove all trapped air bubbles. This will keep the filter stay submerged.
  • Suggest replacing the Bio-foam every 6 months, to ensure the filtering effect as well as the growth of the nitrifying bacteria.


  • Biological Filtration
  • Air Driven
  • Sponge size 14cm X 16cm high (34cm high with uplift tube)
  • Suitable for Aquariums up to 680 liters

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