Oase Gravel Cleaner R

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  • FOR SMALL TO LARGE AQUARIUMS: Reach every single area that needs to be cleaned with gravel cleaner R – even in smaller aquariums. Gravel cleaner E quickly and effectively cleans the substrate in larger aquariums
  • EXTENDING BELL: The round bell of the gravel cleaner can be easily extended to enable tricky corners to be cleaned (gravel cleaner R)
  • TWO DIFFERENT ATTACHMENTS: The triangle attachment is ideal for corners, while the round attachment allows you to clean larger areas quickly and effectively
  • PROTECTIVE GRILLE: The integrated protective grille protects your aquarium inhabitants against becoming caught in the hose and also prevents the hose being blocked by larger plant detritus
  • INTEGRATED SHUT-OFF VALVE: The integrated shut-off valve allows you to seamlessly regulate the water flow and therefore flexibly adjust the suction power of the gravel cleaner
  • LONG HOSE: The 2.3 m hose offers you the best possible flexibility when changing the water
  • SECURE ATTACHMENT: The supplied clip allows you to attach the hose end of the gravel cleaner to your water bucket without fear of it slipping
  • LONGER GRAVEL CLEANER: Easy access thanks to the extra-long gravel cleaner (gravel cleaner E)

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