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Nino's Java


Nino's Java Wood Branches - Large - Driftwood

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NOTE: Being”Designed by Nature” means the dimensions are approximate only and the shape and feature may vary from what is shown in the image. Dimensions are the external dimensions.


DISPLAY and GIVE your pet the best with unique and durable NATURAL JAVA WOOD BRANCHES. Great for reptiles or ground dwellers or those who like to explore the ground. These are tough, strong and can be used in many versatile ways. Each individual branch can often be used in multiple ways along with placing horizontally, vertically against walls or other objects, or run them up diagonally to create basking branches where the pet can position themselves to the height / area where they feel best. 

  • Give your pet a HOUSE “DESIGNED BY NATURE”.

  • Create a peaceful SANCTUARY for your pet to hide, rest and sleep;

  • The openings still allow you to MONITOR your pet;

  • MULTIPLE positions so pets can crawl into, on top of and beside their hide;

  • Suitable for FISH, SNAKES, LIZARDS and INSECTS.

  • Ideal for catfish and wood eating fish.

  • The natural look and unique shape make a great FEATURE to your setup; Add a plant or branch coming out of the openings.

    Give your pet their own ULTIMATE NATURAL house. Each hide is an individual CREATION “DESIGNED BY NATURE” – no two are alike. Combine the beautiful natural features with other natural features like rocks, foliage and Nino’s Java branches to give your pet the best. Can be used in aquarium – looks like a log, maybe use the hole for placing a plant, the wood turns black. 


    Nino’s Java is SUSTAINABLY handcrafted from plantation trees.
    Being DESIGNED BY NATURE with minimal interference from handcrafting means that every single piece of Nino’s Java is UNIQUE.
    The wood PERFORMS under the toughest of conditions due its combination of density, hardness, and weight. These properties mean Nino’s Java is not only super resistant to damage, dirt and decay, it also provides a sense of security to your pet.
    Nino’s Java APPRECIATE you wanting the best for your pet, and they sincerely hope you both get as much ENJOYMENT as Nino do from our wonderful products.

    Java Wood Branches

    Approximate dimensions

    LARGE  (40 to 60) high x (80 to 100) long & wide x (4 to 7) dia