Natural Texas Holey Rock - 100g

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In-store only: We sell the best Texas Holey Rock in Australia at the cheapest price, but it's only available for purchase in-store. So come in today and see it for yourself!

If you're looking to create a natural and stunning habitat for your African Cichlid or marine tank, you won't want to pass up on the world-famous Natural Texas Holey Rock.

Here's why:

  • Made of natural limestone: The Texas Holey Rock is a calcium carbonate based rock that can help buffer your tank's pH levels as required.
  • Aquarium-safe: Our Texas Holey Rock is safe for use in aquariums and won't affect the water chemistry.
  • Provides caves and smooth surface: Fish love the smooth surface and caves of Texas Holey Rock. These features provide a natural hiding place for your fish, which is essential for their well-being.
  • Versatile use: Our Texas Holey Rock can also be used in terrariums, garden and floral displays, and home decor.

Create a beautiful and natural habitat for your aquatic pets with Natural Texas Holey Rock, available at our store at an affordable price.

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