Maxspect XF350 Cloud Edition Twin Pack Set


Multi-directional water flow

Experience the revolutionary multi-directional water flow

The flow cages and directors have undergone a complete overhaul, now with 4 sides horizontal and vertical flow directions.

How to improve on the Gyre 300 Series' already excellent water flow

There are only 2 sides flow cage and director on the Gyre 300 Series

Whereas there are 4 sides on Gyre 300 Cloud Edition

Try to mix-and-match the following flow to create the ideal flow pattern for your aquarium

Now with over 20 water pattern presets

Easily choose the ideal water pattern for your aquarium with a touch of a button without and programming needed.

Flow Director

Examples of water flow patterns

Here are just a few samples of what kind of unique water flow patterns that can be created in your aquarium.


  • Item no: XF350CE_Twin
  • Barcode: 6971764811420
  • Weight: Kg
  • Dimensions: L325 x W75 x H38mm
  • Warranty: 


  • Glass Thickness: Standard - 20mm, reinforcement - 25mm
  • Flow rate: 20,000lph
  • Tank recommendation: 300-3,000L
  • Energy consumption: 5-52W

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