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L134 Pekoltia Compta or more commonly known as Leopard Frog Plecos, get their name from their head lines and body colour of brown/black and yellow banding. They are an omnivorous, non-aggressive species that need a moving current and clear water to survive. They enjoy shallow waters with logs, caves and other cavities to hide in.

Scientific name: Pekoltia Compta “L134”

Level of care required: Medium

Adult Size: 10cm - 14cm

Expected Life Span: Estimated 5-10 years

Minimum Tank Size: 200 Litres

Required Tank Temperature: 23°C - 28°C

Required PH Level: 5.0 - 7.4

Required Diet: Omnivore

Recommended Tank Level: Low-level, Mid-level or High-level

Temperament: Leopard Frog Plecos are shy and enjoy hiding spots such as caves and logs. They have been known to become territorial if space is limited and a 30cm by 30cm square of space is roughly needed for each pelco to prevent this. They pair well with small and medium sized fish, provided they don’t have to compete with them for food sources.

Location of Origin: Brazil

Typically Available in: Summer, Winter, Autumn & Spring

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