JurassiTears 100ml opens and cleans inflamed reptile eyes. By Seachem

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Seachem JurassiTears helps with infections and inflamed eyes. Simply apply once a week for your pets eye health.


  • Opens and cleans inflamed reptile eyes
  • Advanced formula of conditioners and emollients
  • Supports animal eye health through Vitamin A supplementation

Reptile eyes can often become inflamed or closed due to irritants and infections.

JurassiTears is an advanced formula of conditioners and emollients that gently clean and help open inflamed reptile eyes.

It also aids and supports animal eye health and overall health through vitamin A supplementation.

JurassiTears dispenses easily, and remains in place after application.

Cyanocobalamin, Vitamin A Palmitate

  • To clean reptile eyes, apply one drop per eye daily for one week.
  • If no improvement is seen after a week, consult a veterinarian.

  • Use weekly for any reptile to maintain clean eyes.

    Vitamin A supplementation is important for reptile eye health.

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