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Juwel Background Cliff Dark - 60x55cm - In store pickup only

With its natural brown colour scheme, striking rock structure and distinctive illusion of depth, the Cliff Dark colour background is a highly impressive addition to your aquarium.


  • Easy to cut to size
  • Easy to assemble with JUWEL Conexo
  • Modular expansion possible
  • Raw edges hidden by natural overlap
  • Suitable for use with saltwater aquariums

The Cliff Dark colour background is a realistic image of a rock structure in brown tones. The distinctive 3-D structure gives your aquarium a fascinating illusion of depth at a very low installation depth of just 1-3 cm.
As part of the Cliff Dark decorative range, this colour background goes perfectly with the matching filter cover, terraces and decorative stones.
The Cliff colour backgrounds are made of a highly condensed polyurethane, coated with epoxy resin.
This complex production process makes it particularly easy to cut the colour background to size whilst providing an extremely tough, colourfast surface.

Material: PU-Foam

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