JBL Volcanic Mineral 3L

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JBL Proscape volcano mineral & volcano powder forms the ideal base layer substrate for your aquascaped tank. Ideal for long term mineral requirements and providing a healthy availability of beneficial bacteria.

  1. Volcano mineral: Ideal base substrate for any planted aquarium system. Used as a base layer rather than traditional soil, volcano mineral is highly porous. This allows for beneficial bacteria to grow in greater quantity as well as more unrestricted flow of water increasing the availabilities of nutrients and fertilisers to plant roots.
  2. Volcano powder: High nutrient, slow release substrate. Volcano powder is typically added below the top level substrate of an aquarium (either on the glass bottom of the aquarium or between the soil top layer and the porous base layer). This creates a layer of very dense nutrient there to support deeper root growth that may struggle to have access to water flow. For the best results pair Volcano powder with a base layer of Volcano mineral and cover with a nutrient soil such as JBL plant soil. 250g of volcano powder is ideal for an aquarium approximately 200L in capacity.

IMPORTANT: Volcano powder works best when sprinkled underneath a substrate layer on initial setup of an aquarium. If your customer is interested please recommend they utilise this at the very start of tank setup.

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