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JBL Symec Filter Wool 500g

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JBL Symec Filter Wool 500g

Generic filter wool for replacing in internal filters and external canister filters to remove fine particles in the water.

JBL Symec

Filter wool for aquarium filters to remove all types of water cloudiness

Fast removal of all kinds of cloudiness in freshwater and marine aquariums:

  • quality filter wool for aquarium filters

  • Easy to use:

  • select quantity of wool (suitable for all filters) as required. Insert as last filter stage. Removal required when water flow rate decreases.

  • Crystal-clear water:
  • filters off all types of cloudiness and particles. Although rinsing is possible we recommend exchanging it instead

  • No release of pollutants and fibres – fully synthetic, residue-free filter wool

  • 1 pack filter wool for aquarium filters
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