Hydor Slim Skim Nano Skimmer

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Internal skimmer for marine, nano and mini reef aquariums up to 250 litres

For the well-being of nano and mini reef aquariums (up to 250 l), Hydor has created a new and innovative super efficient and performing internal skimmer. Compact and easy to position with magnet suction cup supports, special grid for surface water intake, multiventuri impeller technology, low power consumption, adjustable air control and foaming level.

  • Internal skimmer for marine aquariums
  • Suitable for nano and mini reefs up to 250 litres
  • Efficient and performing, very quiet
  • Refined translucent smoked container, allows you to see the foaming process
  • Equipped with one pump for both foaming and water supply with very low consumption
  • Versatile and with attention to detail, the ideal solution for aquariums that do not have a sump
  • Magnet suction cup support included: easy positioning, for aquariums up to 10 mm thickness
  • Suction of water directly from the surface through a special grid that captures residues
  • Super efficient patented multiventuri impeller
  • Air flow regulation inside the skimmer through the control tap
  • Regulation of the foaming level thanks to the many posssibilities of positioning the collection cup
  • Supplied with the feeding/skimming pump already assembled and in the correct position
  • The pump is intended for indoor use only in water up to 35° C
  • Designed to be completely disassembled for quick and simple cleaning or maintenance
  • Pump power: 4 W

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