Huey Hung CO2 Photosynthesis Pro Kit Single Outlet

Huey Hung CO2 Photosynthesis Pro Kit Single Outlet. Ideal for small planted aquariums up to 57 litres and it will ensure that the most important nutrient is available to plants for maintaining vigorous health and lush and vibrant growth.

Huey Hung CO2 Photosynthesis Pro Kit Single Outlet

CO2 plays an import developmental part in aquarium plant growth. Adding CO2 in a gas form is the best way to fertilise your plants

**Co2 Bottle are provided empty**

Huey Hung CO2 Complete Kit.

With the solenoid connection to the regulator means you can simply use a standard mains power timer and have the switch on and off for better photosynthesis.

This is a plug and play kit providing all the equipment needed including the tester - you just need to get the cylinder filled

The bottles are supplied empty, so they can be transported from our supplier to us and to you.

CO2 Canisters can be filled by most brewery shops and some aquarium stores.

  • Being cost-effective and convenient for the user.
  • One of the best features of the product is its clean lines and minimalist design.
  • Pass DOT & EN: Cylinders are passed DOT & EN, one by one check, Individualized ID record.
  • Match up with the multi functional Classis regulator could show the best effect.
  • All in 1 : Overall combine CO2 long testing, check valve, bubble counter, micro-diffuser are operating at same time.
  • Double outlet : Dual outlet entire tank filled uniformly dispersed, so that each of the plants have absorbed enough CO2, plants are healthy,fresh and green, or share in two small tank.

  • CO2 1 litre bottle (empty)
  • CO2 Solenoid
  • Regulator with Single Output
  • Single Glass Bubble counter
  • Single CO2 Diffusers - Slim
  • One lot of CO2 Tubing
  • Long Consistent test for CO2

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