Hikari Tropical Micro Wafers 45g Fish Food

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Hikari Micro Wafers Fish Food

  • A complete and balanced combination of premium proteins offering unequalled growth rates.
  • Contains high grade marine and vegetable proteins to promote ready acceptance, efficient digestion and superior nutrient utilisation.
  • Rich in Spirulina and Astaxanthin to promote vivid colouration not possible with competitive foods.
  • Another Hikari original, a miniature(micro) wafer developed specifically for most tropical fish to easily devour.
  • Expect improved water quality over flake foods because it's easier to avoid overfeeding and will not dissolve in water.
  • Micro Wafers
  • Community tank diet for all small to medium sized tropical fish

  • The world's smallest wafer

    Contains high grade marine and vegetable proteins, aiding digestion resulting in less waste and improved water quality

    Rich in Spirulina and Astaxanthin, promoting excellent colouring

  • Micro wafer

  • All small and medium sized tropical fish especially tetras, livebearers, cichlids and catfish.

    Feed 2 to 3 times daily the amount your pet will consume within a few minutes. Always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period.

    • Crude Protein Min 44%
    • Crude Fat Min 8%
    • Crude Fiber Max 2%
    • Moisture Max 10%
    • Ash Max 13%
    • Phosphorus Min 1%

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